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Paint & Sip

It's all about spending fun, creative time with friends.

 Our paint & Sip set ups can be added onto your picnic package, or as a separate art party.

Option 1. Picnic add on:

$25/ guest with a picnic package

Includes: easel, canvas, paint, paint brushes, water jars & art apron for each guest

Extra inspiration/props/florals can also be arranged

Option 2. We set up a stylish paint & sip party in your house

$50/ guest

(minimum 4 guests)

Includes: table, table coverings, easel, canvas, paint, paint brushes, water jars, art apron & table decorations (your choice of rustic inspiration or colourful florals)

Option 3. DIY package. Pick up Bundanoon

(Table coverings & art supplies).


paint party

Kid's Paint Party

Kids are bursting with creativity so bring it out in a party!

We'll set up a colourful, inspiring painting party in your home or garden for the kids.

ion 1:
easel, canvas, paints, paint brushes, water jars & apron for each guest.
Also included are table coverings & a range of cute props for inspiration.
option 2:
Themed clay figurine & painting supplies

$25 / child add on to a picnic package
or $20/ child DIY BOX pick up
(table coverings & art supplies inclusive)


kids' paint party
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